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How do you freeze your catch ?

After a long day's fishing we know how frustrating it can be having to search for something suitable with which to freeze your catch...perhaps making do with old Tesco's bags, binliners, or simply anything that comes to hand!

Thankfully you need not have this problem any more.

Costing just a few pence each our custom-made freezerbags for trout and salmon will help you freeze your catch quickly, simply, and conveniently.

Specially made in high gauge, top quality clear polythene they are food and freezer safe to ensure succesful freezing.   They are available in various sizes to suit most fish and will also add that professional touch to compliment your catch.
As well as traditional freezerbags we also stock the equally popular freezertube if you prefer it.   Whatever your choice, from now on freezing your catch will be easy and quick.    And, if you haven't used custom-made bags or tubing before, please click on the size guide which you may find useful.
As suppliers of fish freezerpacks to the gamefisherman for many years our service, and your satisfaction, is guaranteed.   Click on Pricelist & Orderform for further details of sizes, prices, and how to order.

Fish Freezer Bags Pack

Fish Freezer Bags Pack